When it comes to phone repairs we understand the old saying, 'Time is Money', so we do our best to provide most phone repairs in under an hour. Our techs have seen it all! If you have ever had to wiggle the charging cable or cracked the top glass, our professional repair techs can fix your phone. We are locally based in San Antonio to provide the highest quality service and parts along with a 90-Day Warranty and the lowest prices, Guaranteed!


Sometimes, bad things happen to good people, and worse things happen to their portable devices. Regardless, if you've broken the touchscreen, or the LCD below it, have no fear, we can fix that! Did the buttons stop working? Did the charge port get damaged or are you finding you have to wiggle or wrap the cord around the Tablet to charge? Anything that can go wrong can be fixed, and this includes normal wear and tear. Check out our repair services on the most common problems below. Our repair techs are professionally trained to repair most tablets.


Have you noticed your laptop or Macbook running slower than usual? Do you have to wiggle the charge cable just right to get your laptop to charge? Did you drop your laptop or Macbook and now the screen is broken? We can resolve all these issues along with many others that can prevent you from using your laptop or Macbook. Call us for more infomation.

Our Services

  • Virus & Spyware Removal
    If your device is performing slower than usual or if you have fallen a victim to spyware or viruses. Let our team of experienced technicians remove the viruses from your Macbook or laptop. We perform a deep scan of your hard drive to remove all traces of any viruses or malware that could be infecting your computer. Maintaining a healthy operating system will ensure a long life of your hard drive.
  • Tablet Repair Service
    Our tablet repair services range from repairing or replacing the USB charge port to replacing a broken LCD screen. The cost and duration of the repair varies based upon the make and model of each tablet. We always strive to provide our customers the fairest price around while also providing the highest quality in parts and services.
  • Computer Repair
    If you need your Laptop or Macbook screen repaired we have a large stock of replacement screens to provide you a quick repair time. In most screen repair cases customers laptops were repaired in under ONE HOUR! Along with our guaranteed lowest installed prices you'll be back to using  your laptop the same day. Our highly experienced technicians will ensure your device is repaired quickly and with high quality parts.
  • Android phone Repairs
    Don't overpay the insurance companies to repair your broken phone. Most repairs are a fraction of the cost of your insurance deductible. Is your phone battery life not lasting as long as it once has? Do you have to wiggle your cable or sandwich the cable to get a charge? We can fix these problems and more. Ask us about our quick repair times and lowest installed prices in town.


Our testimonials

  • Rita E.

    I dropped my I phone and it came apart from the case. I went to Verizon and was told to replace the phone since I had insurance. The only problem with that was…

  • Crystal S.

    Had my glass replaced and that went great. They also put on a protective glass and new case for a good price which he took the display phone and beat it with…

  • Martha F.

    Every time I've been in here (and there's many) they have fixed my problem with timely, affordable, and friendly service. I recommend and refer them to all my friends.